Common Types Of Headache And When To See a Doctor

Headaches can give real nerve-breaking pain and this is the only time when you feel you can feel relieved by banging your head on the wall. Almost everyone gets them at some point and is one of the most common health problems. 

Headache Doctor In Zirakpur implies that while all headaches are associated with pain or discomfort in the head or face with 100 different kinds and have different intensities of the symptoms. Some headaches require medical attention while some can be easily treated with the help of over-the-counter medication. 

Some headaches are known as secondary headaches which are caused by underlying medical conditions whereas primary headaches stand alone and remain the main medical issues.

The most common causes of headaches have three different types as per the survey by Headache Doctor In Zirakpur. These headaches are tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches. 


  • Slow Onset 
  • Dull or moderate pain
  • Usually hurts on both sides of head
  • May pain in the back of the head or neck as well.
  • For occasional headaches, use home remedies 
  • For chronic conditions prescribed drugs like tricylic antidepressant
  • Sleeping schedule, exercises and stress relieving activities. 
  • Throbbing pain 
  • Nausea or vomiting 
  • Light sensitivity 
  • Can last several hours to several days
  • Rescue medication to relieve pain and stop migraine
  • To avoid future migraine, preventive medications are recommended
  • Sudden onset
  • Headaches in series or cluster
  • One sided pain, often behind the eyes
  • Red or watery eyes 
  • Changes in lifestyle
  • Oxygen treatment 
  • Verapamil, prednisone, lithium carbonate and other medications



It’s important to consult with your doctor when your headaches are quite frequent so that they can create a plan for you or refer you to a Headache Doctor In Zirakpur. 

If your headaches are severe and are increasing frequently and interfering with your usual activities then it is recommended to see a doctor. 

Seek immediate attention from the best Headache Doctor In Zirakpur if you are increasing worst headaches, loss of vision or consciousness, uncontrollable vomiting. 

It is best to see a doctor if you have continuous bad headaches where you might not be able to bear more pain. The earlier you seek the treatment, the earlier relief you get from the headaches, and the earlier you can go back to your normal lifestyle. 


Detox: Alcohol Treatment In Zirakpur

Detox is an important step in treating alcoholism. Due to the excessive amount of alcohol present in the body, from long-term consumption, toxins are ought to be removed from it to start with the medical procedure.

Alcohol detox or detoxification is defined by the Alcohol Treatment In Zirakpur as a natural process occurring in the body as it way to get rid of waste products and toxins present in the body. In treatment, detox for alcohol is to be accompanied by counseling, observation, and medications.

Some people are rather strained to quit their drinking habits due to the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms. As prescribed by the Alcohol Treatment In Zirakpur, symptoms are:

  1. The first six to twelve hours can show some mild symptoms which quickly start worsening as time goes by. Early symptoms include headaches, anxiety, shaking, nausea and irritability.
  2. At the end of the 24 hours (day 1) of detox, symptoms start becoming more severe. Apart from the starting symptoms, additional symptoms like disorientation, hand tremors, and seizures.
  3. Day 2 of detox is comparatively similar as the painful symptoms will continue into the second day as well. Hallucinations and panic attacks are common at this time which makes the pain more severe as the body starts to get rid of alcohol.
  4. Day three to seven can show life-threatening symptoms like delirium tremens, where the person is at the most risk as symptoms may come and go or may stay for a longer time.
  5. By the time, the first week of detox is completed, many withdrawal symptoms staring to fade away while some other may continue for some more weeks.

These symptoms start intensifying as hours and days pass by but eventually if a person’s body began taking control over its system’s desires and starts working in the physiological and physical factors then only the process of detoxification can be completed.

Alcohol treatment in Zirakpur states that prolonged and continuous abuse of alcohol can lead to tolerance and biological changes that start creating a false environment for the brain to think it is right.



Drug addiction is a contagious disease that can affect a person’s mental and physical health to the very extent of its degradation. It affects not only the addict but the people around him as well.

Drug De-addiction in Zirakpur states that it harshly impacts a person’s physiological capabilities and behavior. An addict cannot neglect the urge of using drugs and not just cocaine, heroin, or illegal drugs but alcohol, sleeping pills, and other legal drugs as well.


The addictive drug can target the brain’s functioning and can increase the rate of dopamine in it triggering the feeling of intense pleasure. When someone uses the drugs for a prolonged time, it changes the chemical systems and circuits which can hurt:

  • Judgment of a person
  • Decision-making capabilities
  • Memory
  • Ability to learn

These changes in the brain can drive a person to seek out the addictive drug in such a way which becomes out of control. This addiction can arise from many factors.


Not every person using drugs can become addicted to them but some can. The risk factor associated with addiction as per Drug De-addiction in Zirakpur, are as follows:

  • Family history where the genes are responsible for half of the odds. If someone blood related has problems with the drugs then it may impact the other person as well.
  • Early drug use in children makes them addicted to it as their brains are still in a growing phase and needs to learn a lot more about these things.
  • Mental disorders can make the risk factor higher as a mentally ill or depressed person can seek refuge top drug use as it can help relieve their pain.
  • Troubled relationships whether it is with your parents or partners are the reason in most cases where the person seeks temporary pleasure with drug abuse.

For a drug addict, it is highly important to seek medical treatment and start with the treatments hurriedly.

The treatment of Drug De-addiction in Zirakpur can include several counseling sessions, some prescribed medicines, and mind soothing therapies. Along with this, the doctor may ask you to add some necessary dietary habits and some exercising routines as well. Yoga and meditation can become complementary factors in the treatment.


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