Drug addiction is a contagious disease that can affect a person’s mental and physical health to the very extent of its degradation. It affects not only the addict but the people around him as well.

Drug De-addiction in Zirakpur states that it harshly impacts a person’s physiological capabilities and behavior. An addict cannot neglect the urge of using drugs and not just cocaine, heroin, or illegal drugs but alcohol, sleeping pills, and other legal drugs as well.


The addictive drug can target the brain’s functioning and can increase the rate of dopamine in it triggering the feeling of intense pleasure. When someone uses the drugs for a prolonged time, it changes the chemical systems and circuits which can hurt:

  • Judgment of a person
  • Decision-making capabilities
  • Memory
  • Ability to learn

These changes in the brain can drive a person to seek out the addictive drug in such a way which becomes out of control. This addiction can arise from many factors.


Not every person using drugs can become addicted to them but some can. The risk factor associated with addiction as per Drug De-addiction in Zirakpur, are as follows:

  • Family history where the genes are responsible for half of the odds. If someone blood related has problems with the drugs then it may impact the other person as well.
  • Early drug use in children makes them addicted to it as their brains are still in a growing phase and needs to learn a lot more about these things.
  • Mental disorders can make the risk factor higher as a mentally ill or depressed person can seek refuge top drug use as it can help relieve their pain.
  • Troubled relationships whether it is with your parents or partners are the reason in most cases where the person seeks temporary pleasure with drug abuse.

For a drug addict, it is highly important to seek medical treatment and start with the treatments hurriedly.

The treatment of Drug De-addiction in Zirakpur can include several counseling sessions, some prescribed medicines, and mind soothing therapies. Along with this, the doctor may ask you to add some necessary dietary habits and some exercising routines as well. Yoga and meditation can become complementary factors in the treatment.


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