As a parent, you also know that kids are constantly developing. Just when one phase ends, a new one is beginning. Here, pediatric dentists have the extra training to understand these changes. Dr. Gill Dental Clinic and Implant Centre staff are dedicated to working with every child in a different way, recognizing and respecting that all children are different and that each childhood development stage requires a different approach. Dr. Gill Dental Clinic and Implant Centre pediatric dentists are experienced at building rapport which allows them to continue to emphasize the importance of daily dental care to a teenager’s health and self-esteem. Bite guards may be necessary for athletic kids and when the final orthodontic treatment is completed. Dr. Gill Dental Clinic and Implant Centre takes all these differences between ages into account when providing pediatric dentistry services and suggesting a treatment plan for your child, so you are assured that they get age-appropriate oral care.


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